Save time. Save money. Cover more issues, better.

Statt has built a first-of-its-kind policy intelligence solution that taps into our unique database of 15,000+ research and policy organizations, 100,000+ influencers, and 3,000,000+ documents, so you can get the information that matters to you, summarized and updated in real time.

Public affairs and policy

Search, track, and analyze policy intelligence to see how influencers are trying to shape issues

Regulatory and legal affairs

Identify and leverage policy research and external stakeholders to assess and influence regulatory and legal risk

Foundations and philanthropy

Seamlessly perform landscape analyses, stakeholder mapping, and monitoring

Federal, state, and local governments

Incorporate cutting edge research, insights, and analysis into your policy planning and budget decisions

Corporate strategy

Improve your environmental scanning and PEST analysis for better strategic management

Academia and library services

A powerful new research tool for professors and students

Management consulting

A new insights engine for management consulting and market research

Alternative data

Unlock a new alternative data source to incorporate into trading and investment strategies or risk modeling