We are data nerds...

...giving you the tools to be the smartest person in the room.

Statt app Trends preview

We love data and research.

We are the kind of people who enjoy spending hours stitching together research, data, and events to discover and share insights, trends, and movements.

And, we know that in an age where information comes at you like a firehose, professionals have a tough time staying on top of all the new research, ideas, and the latest statistics. In short, there is so much to react to, it's tough to be proactive.

We've been looking for better tools to sort through all of the ideas, issues, and influencers that matter to the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and organize, update, and analyze it in a way that can put your finger on the pulse of what's important.

Statt app Trends preview

So, we built it ourselves — a new artificial intelligence-based research and data analysis platform that provides automated solutions to teams, companies, and organizations across the public policy, regulatory affairs, government relations, corporate strategy, strategic communications, academic, and management consulting spaces.

We are the digital version of your research assistant, policy analyst, and communications associate. We can give you the bottom line up front on anything you want to know and now you have it all at the click of a button.